Pangandaran beach Vacation

Last week me with other teachers and student went to Pangandaran beach to have a farewell celebration for the students of last year.. the night before I leave I got high fever that makes my parents against me going there but I insist and indeed that along the vacation I had my fever high and down…nevertheless I had fun…here is some picture of pangandaran beach and the indonesian Grand canyon..


me at the beach

me with all the teachers ( not all of them actually)

at noon the wave so high so they forbid us to swim in the middle of the beach

it looks calm but its not..hehhee

at night we had farewell ceremony for the 3rd year student and this is the time they sing teacher song and it bring tears to my eyes because I never imagine that one day I will be a teacher and hear students sings that song for me…

the next day we go to watch sunrice

they forced me to ride banana boat but I’m chickens out when I heard that they gonna flip the boat in the middle of the ocean…no Thanks

I want to go to this island, it’s a remote island but too bad we don’t have time for it

then after we had lunch we headed to Indonesian ” grand canyon” and this is the view we got a long the way

me on the boat heading to grand canyon.

look at the stalagmite, beautiful with water falling from top of mountain


and it’s not raining but the mountain water dropping from top of the beautiful, actually I want to swim but bring no more cloth…

after that we headed home…tired but happy


About erikaoi

I love all about Japanese,korean and bit taiwan.I love watching drama's&variety show, listening to their music, learning their language and culture and this blog created for that purpose. I will give Japanese lesson and culture since I'm teaching that language and I hope all of you that have come to visit this blog can participate and learn Japanese and able to speak it fluently. I live in Bandung, Indonesia but I love to have friends from all over the world.

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