Japan education and culture festival

after I got home from Pangandaran, I went to Japan education and culture festival in the morning to accompany my students for the contest..

that day they had :

– Kana Contest – HIragana and katakana contest

– kanji contest

– Rodoku contest – reading contest

– Speech Contest

– Shuji Contest _ Japanese Calligraphy contest

my students only enroll for Kana contest and Rodoku contest

we had a tiring day and never expect to win because the contestant comes from all over Indonesia…nation wide..


but GOD give nice surprise when they announced the winner, we won 2nd place for Rodoku contest..amazing because at first when my student want to enroll that contest I got headache because I don’t know how to teacher her but I manage…so it’s amazing for me to have my student win 2nd place..

here is the trophy

this is the winner of Shuji COntest…I want to teach my students how to wrote shuji so in the future we can enroll this contest but first I need to learn it before I can find someone to teach us in Nihon Club SMK Pasundan 3 Bandung



About erikaoi

I love all about Japanese,korean and bit taiwan.I love watching drama's&variety show, listening to their music, learning their language and culture and this blog created for that purpose. I will give Japanese lesson and culture since I'm teaching that language and I hope all of you that have come to visit this blog can participate and learn Japanese and able to speak it fluently. I live in Bandung, Indonesia but I love to have friends from all over the world.

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